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Decorative Objects
White Flowers
Decorative Objects

            Give your businesses

a powerful new tool

to help your social media

and corporate responsibility strategies by visually preserving big moments product launches, grand openings and milestone achievements to visually communicate the success of your people, products and services. 

Networking Event

                 Equip your sales, 

       marketing and media relations        representatives with professional, 

      high-resolution photographs of                       your founders, 

                    executive team, 

   sales people and key business     units to establish instant credibility with key constituents and audiences                  across all mediums.

Heart Shape

           Our photographers and           videographers have shot special  occasions across Canada and internationally.

    We offer customizable packages

      for weddings,




and all special occasions.

Because we do everything in-house, handling both the shoot and postproduction, we can keep our rates competitive.

Flower Arrangements

If “a picture is worth a thousand words”, then a motion picture must be worth more than what mere words can describe. The day of a wedding can be described in many ways, hectic, overwhelming, joyful, energetic, beautiful, elegant, and indeed an entire string of superlatives that, like the love that creates it, goes on forever. Yet the idea that a countless infinitude of words can be recapitulated in a highlight video is one of the magical things that Farnaz Ghods Studio 

videographers and cinematographers have the extraordinary ability to create. Many happy newlyweds in and outside of Toronto have relied on our work to sum up their storybook wedding day in full media form, and you too can enjoy a few fruits of our labor with the wedding highlight videos featured below. Give us your timeless memories and we can help you share them with the world. Scroll below to watch the different types of video we offer: Non-linear Highlight VideoLinear Highlight VideoSame Day EditNext Day EditFull VideoEngagement Videos and Style Shoots.

Discover the power of narrative through moving images to better engage your audience and foster relationships with your potential clients – Capture your businesses success’, corporate branding videos or social advertising content – Emotionally connect with your audience through captivating video content

We produce stunning images that will attract more prospective home buyers to your listing. As an interior photographer for more than a decade we know how to showcase your property at its best. That’s why we’re used by Canada’s leading real estate agents and builders. Make your listings unique and stand out from other real estate agents

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